Camunda BPM at Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

Published: March 2016


This Whitepaper is also available in German

Upgrading cell phone masts to LTE

In April 2014, the telecommunications provider Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH began automating business processes with Camunda BPM with the overall aim to convert 5500 cell phone masts, upgrade them to LTE, and to decommission a further 3500.

Camunda BPM is so lightweight that it was possible to integrate the solution into the existing inventory system, continue using the existing user interface, and deploy the first processes in the engine within just four months.


Created by Bernd Loacker & Marco Dworschak

Bernd Loacker is Senior Head of Radio Access Network at Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH.
Marco Dworschak is CEO of BPMasters GmbH.
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