Camunda BPM at LVM Insurance

Published: May 2015


This Whitepaper is also available in German

A case study on the replacement of a heavyweight BPMS

In 2012 LVM Insurance launched two projects with Camunda BPM. The project 'SAM' (Service Order Management) to introduce a task list for administrative processes and the project 'inventory management life' concerned with the asynchronous processing and management of inventory. The latter also replacing the current heavyweight BPMS.
This case study provides information on the different phases of the project to the successful implementation of Camunda BPM.

Created by Thorsten Schramm & Carsten Piepel

Thorsten Schramm is team leader in the IT infrastructure department at LVM Insurance.
Carsten Piepel works as IT-architect in the IT infrastructure department at LVM Insurance.
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