Developer-Friendly BPM

Published: April 2014

Look beyond the Zero-Code BPM Myth with Sandy Kemsley

This paper explores the myth of zero-code BPM in complex projects, and how proprietary design and development tools can hinder - rather than help - skilled enterprise developers. It considers how using standard development tools and coding languages in conjunction with a BPMS can provide a bridge between business and IT without forcing either to use tools that are inappropriate for their needs: business-led functional design paired with efficient development in corporate-standard application development environments.

Key Topics covered:

  • Limitations of Zero-Code, Model-Driven BPM
  • Drivers For Developer-Friendly BPM
  • Making Developer-Friendly BPM Work For Everyone
  • Business-Friendly yet executable Process Models

Created by Sandy Kemsley

Sandy Kemsley Sandy Kemsley is an independent analyst and process architect specializing in business process management (BPM). She consults to end-user organizations and BPM vendors globally, writes a popular BPM blog at and is a featured conference speaker on BPM and related topics.
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