Super-scale Camunda With Apache Cassandra

September 7, 2015 at 06:00 PM (CET)

Camunda's Niall Deehan and Daniel Meyer talk about the new experimental Cassandra Persistence Layer.
Apache Cassandra is a super performant database built for high scalability. It achieves this by distributing data to multiple machines.
The Camunda Community has developed an experimental persistence layer which allows Camunda users to use Apache Cassandra as database. We discuss how this came together and what you can do with it already today. We will address topics like data modeling, fault tolerance and other challenges related to running the Camunda Process Engine on top of Cassandra.

Presented by Daniel Meyer & Niall Deehan

Daniel Meyer is Technical Project Lead for Camunda BPM. His mission is to provide the best possible solution for developers who want to use BPM technology in their applications. His absolute passion is the usage of process engines in highload-scenarios.
Niall Deehan works as a consultant with Camunda BPM. He specializes in the implementation of executable BPMN models within the English-speaking world. His career has involved long stints as both a Java Developer and a Technical Analyst. He sees BPMN (and especially Camunda BPM) as a linguistic bridge between those two disciplines.
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