How to move from design to execution - automating ADONIS models with Camunda

July 29, 2015 at 04:00 PM (CET)

Giving your employees access to process-based applications can be complicated as you need to involve various user groups (Business and IT).

During this webinar Zbigniew Misiak (Senior Consultant & BPM Community Manager at BOC Group) and Falko Menge (Senior Consultant and Open Standards Ambassador at Camunda Services GmbH) will show you how to go from the Business Process model created with ADONIS to a working application running on Camunda engine - in less than an hour!

After the demo session there will be a Q&A session, so you can ask our presenters any questions related to Process Design and Automation.

Presented by Falko Menge

Falko Menge Falko is a senior technical consultant at Camunda. He has a lot of experience with process automation and application integration and is a co-founder and committer of several Open Source projects in this area including Camunda BPM. As the official representative of Camunda at the OMG, Falko is a co-author of the BPMN and CMMN standards as well as the OCEB 2 certification. He is a regular speaker at Java, BPM and Open Source conferences including JAX, W-JAX, JBoss OneDay Talk, JUDCon, CONFESS, JFS, OMG Technical Meetings, bpmNEXT, BPMCon, Camunda BPM Community Day, IoTCon, FOSDEM, FroSCon & Eclipse Democamp.
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