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Available Training Lessons

1 Overview
First introduction into BPMN 2.0, the idea of a Process Engine and the Camunda BPM platform components
Video (41 mins)
2 Get started
Download Camunda BPM and get your first process running.
Video (9 mins)
3 Architecture
Process Engine Architecture and options you have to embed BPMN and Camunda BPM into your environment or application.
Video (42 mins)
4 Implement the Twitter Process
Hands-On! Implement and run the Twitter demo process on your machine and play around with it.
5 Threads and Transactions
Threading and Transaction Management in the process engine and why this is important to every Process Application developer
Video (17 mins)
6 Error Management
Business Errors using BPMN Error Events in contrast to Technical Errors handled by Incidents and Retries
Video (13 mins)
7 Java API and Unit Tests
How to use the Java API - writing a JUnit Test case and adding various BPMN elements to a simple process (User Task, Service Task, Exclusive Gateway, Timer Event and Message Events), plus handling Process Variables
Video (46 mins)
Advanced BPMN 2.0 elements and concepts: Gateway (XOR, AND, OR), Embedded Subprocess and Call Activity, Multiple Instance and various events (overview and in more detail terminate, message, timer, error)
Video (60 mins)
9 Task Management and UI
Human Task Management - Concepts and API, Task Forms
Video (41 mins)
10 Play around!
The examples of the different modules are available as Maven projects. You might use them (or your own projects) as a starting point to play around with BPMN and the Process Engine!