Camunda Vienna Launch Event 2016

November 22, 2016 at 06:00 PM, Vienna

Where & When

November 22, 2016 at 06:00 PM

sektor5, Siebenbrunnengasse 44, Vienna (Googlemaps)


Hello Community member,

The Agenda is live!

Christian Grashofer, Director of mpc PLUS will speak as well as Stephan Pelikan, Software Developer in Vienna - and last but not least: Camunda will send us Felix Müller, Technical Consultant. Here are the details:


  • 18:00 Welcome Reception. Beverages are free! Just help yourself with the Sektor5 bar and tell them that you are a "Camunda Vienna" visitor.


  • 18:45 Small Intro: Felix Müller, Technical Consultant with Camunda Services GmbH in Berlin, gives a small introduction and overview to show us what Camunda is all about. 


  • 19:00 Camunda Real Life Usage: Christian Grashofer, Director of mpc PLUS GmbH in Vienna, shows us his company’s B2B software. This solution uses Camunda under the hoods and enables local electrical stores to offer end customers and Austrian households a hassle-free change-over to another energy supplier for their power and gas consumption. 


  • 19:15 Software Development with Camunda: Stephan Pelikan, Software Developer in Vienna, let us have a look into the coding details of this very same solution developed for mpc PLUS. He also shows us a typical development approach when using Camunda: modeling, coding, wiring stuff in the development project as well as unit testing of processes.


  • Break for Networking and conversations. 


  • 20:15 Hacking Camunda Cockpit: Felix Müller, Technical Consultant with Camunda Services GmbH in Berlin, shows us how to manage KPI (Key Performance Indicators) in Camunda: One of the big advantages of Camunda BPM is the open architecture, which allows you to implement almost any requirement you might have. Felix will show us how to leverage Camunda's extensible API to build a KPI Monitoring Extension End-To-End.

Feel free to join the community conversation on our Meetup Page.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna soon!

Your Camunda Team 


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