Community Day at Camunda HQ 2016

September 15, 2016 at 11:45 AM, Berlin

Where & When

September 15, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Camunda Services GmbH, Zossener Strasse 55-58, 10961 Berlin (Googlemaps)


This year's all-day Community Day at Camunda HQ will give you the latest of what is new at Camunda - expect a lot of Camunda BPM in action, input from community contributors, reports from Camunda BPM clients and a lot more. We will make sure that you won't suffer from hunger or thirst and as always will end the day in one of the beergardens nearby.

When What and Who
11:45-12:15 Welcome reception incl. lunch buffet
12:15-12:30 Official welcome
Camunda BPM in action


Oliver Hock, Videa Project Services GmbH

BPMN can optimize our business and act as basis for automation. LEGO® MINDSTORMS® is a small robot in varied shapes, fed with a Java API and controlled by an external software. Serial and parallel individual steps awake it to life.

In this presentation, processes and robots are glued together. Movements are defined with BPMN2 and automated by Camunda BPM. The modeling and design approach is illustrated during a live demo.


Community Extension  - Spring Boot 

Jan Galinski, Holisticon

Jan will present and give a live demo of the Spring Boot community extension.


Camunda User Talk - Camunda & Cloud Architecture

Simon Zambrovski, Holisticon

Simon combines Camunda and other frameworks like Netflix/Hystrix into a blueprint for a next generation cloud architecture.


Camunda User Talk: DMN at the Danish Tax Authority

Jarl Friis, SKAT


Coffee break


Real-World-Camunda: Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Niall Deehan, Camunda 

In this session you will learn about the most common mistakes people make when implementing process applications. Our consultant Niall Deehan will report directly from the front line with anecdotes that are sometimes funny and sometimes scary, but always helpful to have in mind when starting your own project.


Community Extension Demo - Camunda BPM Assert 

Martin Schimak, plexiti

Martin will show how simple and fast it has become to test large and complex models with a little help of Camunda BPM Assert.

14:45-15:30 Community Award + Coffee break
Camunda BPM from the source

Hack Session:

Vladimir Katusenoks, Camunda 

This talk dives into bpmn-js, our BPMN 2.0 modeling toolkit for the browser. It explores ways to extend the library to build customized BPMN modeling tools with it.


Hack Session: How to manage KPI in Camunda

Felix Müller, Camunda

One of the big advantages of Camunda BPM is the open architecture, which allows you to implement almost any requirement you might have. In this hack session Felix will show you how to leverage Camunda's extensible API to build a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Monitoring Extension End-To-End.


How to contribute

Thorben Lindhauer, Camunda 

Want to get involved? Thorben presents the numerous ways you can contribute to Camunda's open source projects.


Roadmap Modeling + Execution 

Daniel Meyer, Camunda 

Get an overview of what is planned for the Camunda 7.6 release both in the modeling and the runtime space.


Asking the Community

Daniel Meyer, Camunda 

In software development, there are a lot of questions users can answer best. In this session we will ask for your opinion on features on our roadmap. Feel free to also bring up your own ideas for new features.

18:00-??? More beer and food @  Brachvogel

Please note that this event will be held in English. / Bitte beachten Sie, dass dies ein englischsprachiges Event ist.


BPMN meets LEGO® MINDSTORMS® - Oliver Hock, Videa

Spring Boot - Jan Galinski, Holisticon

Camunda & Cloud Architecture - Simon Zambrovski, Holisticon

How to contribute - Thorben Lindhauer, Camunda

Roadmap Modeling + Execution - Daniel Meyer, Camunda

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