Bigger and better: camunda BPM community day

September 18, 2014 at 12:00 PM, Berlin

Where & When

September 18, 2014 at 12:00 PM

camunda services GmbH, Zossener Strasse 55-58, 10961 Berlin (Googlemaps)


This year's camunda's bigger, better and all-day community event is taking place in the sacred halls of camunda HQ in Berlin. Expect a lot of camunda BPM in action, including input from community contributors, reports from camunda BPM clients and a lot more. We will make sure that you won't suffer from hunger or thirst and will end the day in one of the beergardens nearby.

When What and Who
11:45-12:30 Welcome reception incl. lunch buffet


Bernd Rücker, camunda services GmbH

camunda BPM in action

Order management using camunda BPM

Robert Parker, Australia Post

This presentation will describe our order management architecture and in particular order fulfilment processes using Camunda BPM technology. A number of key, select, business requirements leading to design challenges will be presented, along with the benefit of using BPM to realise solutions and the corresponding business benefits. In addition, some key technical challenges, solution options, and resulting solution design decisions and implications will be presented.


camunda BPM @ 1&1

Dr. Peter Hachenberger, 1&1 Internet AG

The 1&1 Process Platform centers around the camunda BPM engine. We present configuration and tooling that helps us customize the engine according to our needs.

14:15-14.45 Coffee break
camunda BPM from the source

Introduction community extensions

Daniel Mayer, camunda services GmbH


Grails plugin

Martin Schimak, plexiti GmbH


OSGI module

Ronny Bräunlich, data experts GmbH


Elastic search

Christian Lipphardt and Daniel Mayer, camunda services GmbH


camunda mocking on steroids

Simon Zambrovski and Jan Galinski, Holisticon AG


camunda latest features and roadmap

Team camunda BPM, camunda services GmbH

  • 7.2 Release (special spotlight on classless , tasklist, CMMN)
  • Discussion about roadmap and vision - Shape the future of camunda BPM. We want YOUR ideas, YOUR priorities and YOUR visions.
  • Bonus Track: Cool new stuff from the camunda labs

Q&A-session and beers
17:00-18:00 Ask the core developer team everything you always wanted to know.
18:00-? Grab some beers somewhere around...

Please note that this event will be held in English. / Bitte beachten Sie, dass dies ein englischsprachiges Event ist.


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  • Slides, camundaBPM @ 1&1:
  • Slides, OSGI module:
  • Source code, Holisticon, camunda mocking on steroids:
  • Slides, camunda latest features and roadmap:
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